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Crimson Matthews, a repentant-but-violent ex-con, believes he’s found a path to redemption by odd-jobbing on Penance Lane. Unfortunately, Matthews’ work leads him to unearth an unspeakable evil… and discover just how far a dying town will go to bury its past.  Now, Matthews has every reason to fear that the dilapidated old house will prove to be not only his latest prison — but his tomb.


“9 out of 10  A gory, ghoulish good time that perhaps irrationally, reinforces my fear of what lies beyond the relative safety of the city.” »

“I truly enjoyed it…Check it out if you get a chance because it’s definitely a fun action, horror flick that holds no bars.” »

Penance Lane succeeds in a couple key ways: its characters have depth, and the actors give their all. It also builds a sense of mystery and suspense by keeping certain details at bay. And the attention to light and shadow is top-notch, creating an eerie atmosphere.” »

“Bottom line, Penance Lane is a fun fright flick, with a fantastic cast and more than enough horror biz to keep most boils n’ ghouls well and truly satisfied, even if some of this plays out like a greatest hits collection. 4 out of 5 Skulls!” »

Penance Lane has been a long time coming. If you haven’t burned out on watching movies on your TV during this pandemic, pre-order the film on iTunes now or watch it on any of your favorite streaming sites, and get ready for a worthwhile ride on April 21st.  4 out of 5″ »

“Scout Taylor-Compton may have given my favorite horror performance I’ve seen her in to-date. It’s an enjoyable ride down Penance Lane that doesn’t dead-end where you might expect.” »

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